About the LBPZ:

The "Lawton-Bronson Print Shop" started with the idea of bringing an innovative student-run enterprise into our school district. The mission of the Lawton-Bronson CSD is to "Prepare all students to contribute productively to the global world of work and community." With the guidance of district leadership, we decided how better to prepare our students for success beyond the classroom walls than with hands-on learning experiences. Our students have the opportunity to learn about business from the beginning of designing products/projects all the way to the fulfillment of orders. This print shop provides our students with a unique experience to have an impact on the Siouxland Community and even some national projects, which generates excitement throughout the classes. Students have designed posters, bus safety decals, senior night big heads, wall decals, banners, car decals, floor decals, and even fridge magnets. None of this would be possible without the support of our administration, community, and local business and charitable organizations.  

Available Inventory:

Contact Mr. Busch @ buscha@lb-eagles.org to place your order. - Custom orders available

Eagle Head Car Decal


Pink Out Eagle Head Car Decal


Basketball Car Decal


Basketball Car Decal


Marching Eagle Car Decal


Marching Eagle Car Decal


Canvas Eagle Head Wall Decal


Canvas Pink Out Eagle Head Wall Decal


Canvas Eagles Wall Decal

24x16 $30

10x7 $15

Canvas Marching Eagle Wall Decal

24-INCH $30

15-INCH $20

12-INCH $10

Eagles Wall Decal

36-INCH $30

24-INCH $20


Court Sponsorship Fundraiser


Homecoming Parade

Big Head Project

City Sign Contest

Old City Sign

 to be replaced by the new design in the spring of 2023.

Winning Sign Design - Carson Shoumaker and Collin Dunnington

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