Lawton-Bronson Strength Program Overview

Our Strength Program is built upon three principles: Consistency, Perfect Form, and Intensity (CPI).


GROUND-BASED ACTIVITIES: Research has proven that the more you apply force against the ground in your exercises the faster you will become. Thus, increasing the effectiveness of your sports skills. Exercises such as the Power Clean, Snatch, Squat, Deadlift, and Push Press all work to apply force with the feet against the ground. They are GROUND-BASED ACTIVITIES. Therefore, these lifts will be the core of our lifting program.

MULTIPLE JOINT ACTIONS: Sports skills such as running, changing direction, jumping, catching, throwing, blocking, and tackling require the athletes to use multiple body parts simultaneously. Multiple Joint Actions increase coordination and the ability to generate explosive force. Therefore, our approach to lifting will also be based upon the foundation of using MULTIPLE BODY PARTS simultaneously.

THREE DIMENSIONAL MOVEMENTS: Sports skills involve movements in the three planes of space simultaneously. (Forward-Backward, Up-Down, Side to Side). In strength training, only free weights allow movement movement in THREE DIMENSIONS. Not only does this help athletically but it also keeps injuries to a minimum increasing flexibility. Therefore, the vast majority of our lifting will be utilizing free weights. 

TRAIN EXPLOSIVELY: Our weightlifting program will be based on explosive exercises similar to our sport. Training explosively with free weights and other drills allows for fast-twitch muscle fibers to be recruited and in return allows for a greater improvement in an athlete's performance. Therefore, the majority of our lifts will done QUICKLY AND EXPLOSIVELY. 

PROGRESSIVE OVERLOAD: Intensity and volume are the key factors used to progressively increase the workload. The use of heavier loads increases the intensity while adding repetitions increases the volume. We will work on progressively increasing the intensity and volume to develop strength, power, and muscle size. We will never sacrifice good form in a shortcut attempt to increase the amount of weight being lifted.