Mr. Carlson

About Me

I have been teaching at Lawton Bronson since 1996. I have enjoyed every year at LB as I see it as an amazing place to teach. We have always had a quality environment and an enjoyable staff to work with. The greatest part of teaching at LB is the students themselves! We have always had great kids at LB. The kids take their education seriously and the parents care and support the school and their children.

I attended college at Westmar College in LeMars after graduating high school in 1989. I grew up on a small farm 4 ½ miles northwest of the village of Castana. I was active in football, wrestling, track, and baseball in high school. I went to Westmar to pursue a degree in education and continue my wrestling career. After a very successful first year, I signed up with the Air Force and went to basic and tech school in 1990. I was an Aircraft Armament Systems Specialist in the Air Force. My primary job in the Air Force was loading bombs, aim- 9 missiles, and 50 cal. Guns on the F16 fighters.

I returned to Westmar to finish my degree and continued to serve at the 185th fighter unit. I graduated in December of 1995 and took a long term sub job at Lawton Bronson serving as the high school health and general science teacher. At the conclusion of the 1995 school year, the PE job at LB opened up and I got it. I served as the head wrestling coach for 13 years and won over 200 dual meets in that span. I also served as the high school defensive coordinator under the legendary Coach Tom Lang. I have coached boy’s golf going on 20 years as well as coaching cross country with Coach Erin Benson.

I live in LeMars, Iowa with my wife Ann Carlson. We have two children. My son Tyler is 25 and is in the Human Relations department at Timberline Inc. in Cedar Rapids. My daughter Emily is 21 and a college student.

My hobbies are boating, fishing, hunting, golfing, and target shooting. I work at Kellen’s Excavating and Pondarosa in the summer. I am the lawn and landscape guy as well as the caretaker of the beaches, volleyball courts, and set up at the Pondarosa.