EAGLE LUNCHABLES available to the Elementary Students

Monday - Beef Stick, Hard Boiled Egg or Cheese Cubes, Crackers, Fruit or Veggie, Milk

Tuesday - Pizza Lunchable, Fruit, Milk

Wednesday - Turkey or Ham Cubes, Cheese Cubes, Fruit , Milk

Thursday - Nachos, Cheese, Chips, Salsa, Fruit, Milk

Friday - Yogurt, Granola, Fruit, Milk

CHEF SALADS available at the Jr./Sr. High Building

Thank you to the School Nutrition Association for this video explaining the move back to paid school meals.

If you would like to see if your family qualifies for Free or Reduced-Priced Meals, fill out the form found at the bottom of this page. You can also login to JMC Family, click Register for 2022-2023, then click the Application for Educational Benefits link to fill it out online.

Everyone is welcome to fill out the application. Please be sure to fill out both pages. Please contact Tonia Healy at 712-944-5183 for any questions. If you qualify, your lunch and fees could be reduced or free.

In addition, many state and federal funding sources are based off the number of free and reduced students. This provides either a greater discount or more funding for the school for phone service, internet access, technology, etc.

Students who qualify for free and reduced priced meals may take one complete breakfast and one complete lunch per day. Please note, all extra servings and A la carte items are full priced.

Mission Statement of the Nutrition Department-Ensuring the nutritional and health needs of every student to help maximize each one's ability to learn.

Our menus are designed to offer nutritional meal choices, while following nutritional guidelines set by the USDA. School meals are planned to include the following required five components; meat/meat alternate, grains, fruits, vegetables, and milk. All students must take 3 of the 5 components offered. One (1) component must be a fruit or vegetable to qualify as a meal. Ala Carte items are available for 5th & 6th Grade and all Middle and High School Students. If your family qualifies for free or reduced meals, and you bring a sack lunch milk is not free, you will pay the full price for it. Menus may need to be changed due to the availability of the products at any given time. This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

Elementary Staff: Jane Andersen, Food Service Director, Desi Moore, Leila Lang, Amanda Pedersen Jr./Sr. High Staff: Connie Bremer, Linda Fetterman, Brittany Dykhuizen

The Nutrition Department at the Elementary Kitchen will be offering healthy, safe snacks for your convenience for birthday treats or classroom snacks. To order, fill out the attached order form and payment and return to the elementary kitchen 2 weeks prior to the event. This is to ensure that we have time to have what you need. Payment can be made by check (made out to L-B Nutrition Department) or cash, or paying out of the students account (must be sufficient funds in the account). Any questions, email Food Service Director Jane Andersen at