Physical Education


Amy Lefler

Hello Lawton-Bronson Parents!   I wanted to reach out and get you updated on expectations in elementary PE this year!  My most important goal in PE is to make sure children are meeting standards in the areas of physical, cognitive, and affective learning

For kindergarten through 2nd grade some of the criteria that falls under those 3 areas that students will be assessed on are as follows:  performing warm-up exercises correctly, following rules in PE and activities, attitude, social skills, and participation. 

For 3rd grade through 6th grade, they will be graded based on a 10-point system each day they have PE class.  The areas which I will be assessing include:  participation, performing exercises correctly, following rules in PE and activities, wearing tennis shoes, sportsmanship, respecting others, social skills, attitude, and being on time.  I also have a consequence known as “On the Bench.”  If a child has issues with any of the above after getting 2 warnings, they will then be “on the bench” and will not participate for the remainder of the class.  They will complete a sheet and bring it home for a parent to sign.  I need that returned to me by the time I see them again for their next PE class.

Along with the aforementioned areas, I also want to make sure kids understand why physical exercise is an important part of their lives, not just when they come to PE class.  I want them to learn and practice the values of good sportsmanship.  In addition, I want to teach them a variety of exercises and activities that they can continue to perform for years beyond grade school.  Lastly, I want them to have FUN!!