Mr. Uhl

This begins my thirtieth year of teaching at Lawton-Bronson, but technically I have been here much longer. I graduated from L-B in 1986. I have a bachelor's degree in English education from Morningside College and a master's degree in administration from Drake University. I am a professional writer with numerous publications. I travel inside and outside the United States as often as I can. 

Class Schedule...I get the freshmen when they enter high school with Grammar and English Literature, and then I get them when they leave as seniors with English 12.

Mr. Uhl

    a poem by Collin Dunnington

We're best friends.

You are very cool.

Your my favorite teacher.

I'm going to miss you sophomore year.

howdy, howdy, and welcome

What's up Mr. Uhl

Chow Chow out