Notice of Nondiscrimination

Grievance Procedure - Board Policy 102

Explore the Iowa Core - Benchmarks and Standards

Lawton, Iowa was incorporated in 1906

Bronson, Iowa was incorporated in 1968

The two districts consolidated into Lawton- Bronson

Community School.

1996-1997: Construction of Jr./Sr. High School in Lawton

($5.6 million)

2009-2010: Construction of Elementary School in Bronson

($9.9 million) Financed through SAVE and General

Obligation Bonds

Lawton-Bronson Community School will focus on four student

learning outcomes in 2014-2015

• 1.) Guaranteeing that the Common Core Literacy and Math

Curriculums are implemented and taught with complete

vertical and horizontal alignment.

• 2.) Insuring that problem solving and critical thinking skills are

imbedded in our core curriculum subject areas and all STEMrelated courses.

• 3.) Creating more opportunities for teachers and students to

access and utilize technology in day to day teaching and


• 4.) Promoting opportunities for students to develop

leadership skills through extra-curricular involvement.

Lawton-Bronson Jr./Sr. High

100 Tara Way

Lawton, IA 51030

Phone: 712-944-5181

Fax: 712-944-5568

Lawton-Bronson Elementary

113 W. 1st Street

Bronson, IA 51007

Phone: 712-948-3361

Fax: 712-948-3211