Sharon Fisher

Hi, my name is Sharon Fisher and I am the Elementary Secretary at Lawton-Bronson school. I started working here in the spring of 2000 and this is my 22nd year working here and I love every minute of it. I started at the high school and did all the copying for both the elementary and high school. I also covered the study halls, supervised the medical class we shared with Woodbury central. I did breakfast and lunch computer. also covered the office when Liz was gone and supervised the buses coming and going! The best part of the job was that my son was a junior at this time. Then when the Elementary secretary retired, I was asked if I was interested and of course I said yes, there are so many different things I do, answering phones, nurse, when she is gone too many things to mention as they change all the time. And it makes every day go so fast. Before I started at LB I worked for 19 years at diesel specialties in Sioux city as a parts manager and it was an amazing job also. I left to take the job at lb when it was offered to me and was close to home. I went to school at LB and graduated in 1971 and I have 2 kids, Dr. Stephanie Thorpe, and Brett fisher. Steph lives in Mankato, MN, and teaches music at Minnesota State Mankato. they both graduated from Lawton-Bronson also. My son and his wife, Brett and Amber fisher live 3 blocks from me in Bronson and they have 2 boys, Camden who is in 3rd grade here with me, and Cash who is 2 and will come to pre-school in 2 years. I love being able to see Camden every day and he helps me in the office, running errands, delivering papers, and other things. Brett is a supervisor at CF Industries and Amber is the human resources director at Peterbilt of Sioux City. Everyone keeps asking me when I am going to retire and I have no desire to at this time. I am hoping to work for another 10 years as long as my health is good. I love every minute of every day