EAGLE LUNCHABLES will be available to the Elementary Students starting October 22nd.  

Monday - Hard Boiled Egg, Cheese Cubes, Crackers, Fruit or Veggie, Milk

Tuesday - Turkey Cheese Wrap, Fruit or Veggies, Milk

Wednesday - Turkey or Ham Cubes, Cheese Cubes, Fruit or Veggie, Milk

Thursday - Nachos, Cheese, Chips, Salsa, Fruit, Milk

Friday - Yogurt, Granola, Fruit, Milk


1/3 - Cereal, Cheese Stick Fruit, Milk
1/4 - Long Johns, Fruit, Milk
1/7 - Cereal, Cheese Stick, Fruit, Milk
1/8 - Waffles, Syrup, Fruit, Milk
1/9 - Breakfast Pizza, Fruit, Milk
1/10 - French Toast Sticks, Syrup,  Fruit, Milk
1/11 - Crescent Roll, Fruit, Milk 


1/3  - Chicken Patty, Fries, Carrots, Fruit, Milk, Teddy               Grahams 
1/4  - Hot Dog, Fries, Baked Beans, Fruit, Milk  
1/7  - Hamburger/Bun, Cheese, Fries, Baked 
          Beans, Fruit, Milk
1/8  - Chicken Noodles Soup/Carrots, Celery, Ranch, 
          Gr. Beans, Fruit, Milk 
1/9  - Pizza, Salad/Ranch, Mixed Vegetables, Fruit Milk
1/10 - Meatball Sub/Corn, Broccoli, Pudding, Fruit Milk
1/11 - Orange/Teriyaki Chicken, Savory Rice, Stir Fry, 
           Peas, Breadstick, Fruit, Milk,