Jane Andersen


Jane Andersen has been with the Lawton-Bronson CSD for 22 years, and Food Service Director for 5 years.  She continues to learn new things and face the daily challenges of the regulations that need to be followed, such as required calorie count, sodium levels, proteins, whole grains, and all the vegetable subgroups in a day but also for the week. Jane is always looking for new ideas and ways to engage the students to try new items.  Jane is a current board member of the School Nutrition Association Iowa and holds a Level 2 Certificate and a committee member of the Commodities Board.  

Jane lives in Sioux City with her husband Rich.  They have 3 grown children, 1 son, 2 daughters,  a son-in-law and a Grandson.  In her spare time, she likes to spend time with the family,  camping and spending time outdoors.  

Janes Motto for the school year “All the challenges we are facing is just a bump in the road, and we will all get through this together, with respect and a positive attitude.”