Business & Computer Science

Mr. Busch's Fall 2022 Class Schedule.

1st. Sports & Entertainment Marketing

Provides students with a thorough understanding of fundamental marketing and management concepts and theories as they relate to the sports and entertainment industries. Content will address promotion of Lawton-Bronson sports/events, licensing, professional and collegiate sports/entertainment sponsorship and endorsements, branding, marketing research, product development, pricing and distribution strategies, sales, event planning, and the role of existing and emerging technologies.

2nd. Computer Literacy

Provides students with the knowledge and ability to use computers and technology efficiently. Course content includes exposure to word-processing, spreadsheet, and presentation applications, to prepare students for future careers and education.

3rd. Computer Maintenance

Prepares students to apply basic electronic theory and principles in diagnosing and repairing personal computers and input/output devices. Topics include operating, installing, maintaining, and repairing computers, network systems, digital control instruments, programmable controllers, and processors. Students will apply the skills learned in this to Lawton-Bronson technologies.

4th. Financial Literacy

Provides students with an understanding of the concepts and principles involved in managing one’s personal finances. This course emphasizes lifespan goal-setting, individual and family decision-making, and consumer rights as well as topics that are commonly associated with personal finance so that one can become a financially responsible consumer. Topics include savings and investing, credit, insurance, taxes and social security, spending patterns and budget planning, contracts, and consumer protection.

5th. Introduction to Business

Provides students with a thorough understanding of the classic functions of a business, as well as key topics and areas that are here to stay such as having a growth mentality, resilience, positive language, corporate social responsibility, sustainability, and setting up a digital presence.

6th. Digital Media Production/ Web Page Design

Teaches students the fundamentals of graphic design and production and provides students with the opportunity to apply these principles to Lawton-Bronson activities through webpage media, digital presentation media, and interactive media. Students will apply these principles by maintaining the Lawton-Bronson CSD webpage and will also create highlight films for extracurricular activities.

8th. Computer Gaming & Design

Prepares students to design computer games by studying design, animation, artistic concepts, digital imaging, coding, scripting, multimedia production, and game play strategies.