Lawton Bronson Print Zone

"The Lawton-Bronson Print Zone", whose name is still pending, is open for business. This business will provide innovative hands-on experiences to students in the areas of designing, producing, marketing, purchasing, and selling large-format print products. We will work to provide students with the opportunity to collaborate on projects with companies in a variety of different industries locally and around the nation. This print shop gives students the chance to learn all of the elements of operating a business while serving the Lawton-Bronson and greater Siouxland community. All proceeds of these projects will be utilized to improve the educational experience of the Lawton-Bronson CSD students and also benefit the Lawton and Bronson communities. We are currently selling two different laminated car decals - "The Eagle Head" and "The Marching Eagle" for $5 each. These decals are available at the home football games in the Eagles' Nest or by contacting Mr. Busch at We also have wall decals, posters, signs, and banners available upon special request. None of this student-run print shop enterprise would've been possible without the support of our great community and donors! Thank you and we look forward to serving you! -The LBPZ logo credit goes to Digital Media Production student - Carson Shoumaker.