Meet the Teachers

Our Title I reading team includes one full-time teacher, two half-time teachers, and a number of assistants and Western Oregon University student tutors.

 Trudy Herbert
Mrs. Herbert is our full-time Title I coordinator. 
  Cindy Ritacco
Mrs. Ritacco is one of our half-time Title I teachers. 
 Michelle Doring
Mrs. Doring is one of our half-time Title I teachers. In the afternoons she also teaches half-time bilingual kindergarten. In the past, Mrs. Doring has taught 5th grade, kindergarten, and Title I reading & math with grades 1-5 at Ash Creek, IES, and Henry Hill.

Her favorite thing about teaching is watching the excitement of students as they discover the love of reading and learning. She also loves to explore creative ways to use technology in the classroom. Mrs. Doring lives in Salem with her husband, and enjoys reading, crafting, sewing, and spending time with her friends.