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Exam Letter to Parents - January Testing

Merry Christmas (a little early)!

We will be running an exam schedule this month in the same manner we have in the last few years. Some of you have received this information before and others of you are new to this.  The two days of exams will be Thursday Dec. 22nd and Friday Dec. 23rd.  The schedule is below so please look over it carefully.  I would, however, like to point out some important details of the schedule. 

Students who miss one or more exams need to schedule a day with their teacher to make those up AFTER Christmas break.  No exams will be given before the two scheduled days.  Please call me or email me if your child will need to schedule a make-up time in January. 

The study session on the first day of exams, Thursday Dec. 22nd, is OPTIONAL for all studentsHigh school students can use this time to study in the cafeteria with their peers, go to the library to use the computers or study independently, or see a teacher for some last minute review and test prep.  Junior high students who will be present for the study session will report to the commons or library and work independently or see a teacher to catch up on missed work. Junior high students will not have semester exams but they will follow the same bell schedule but with regular class work.

Buses will run on regular schedules both exam days.  If students choose not to use the scheduled study session in the building on Thursday Dec. 22nd, they may arrive in time for their first exam or first period class, but will need to find their own rides to school.  Buses will not run on separate schedules to bring students to school after the optional study session.  IF YOUR CHILD IS ON A REGULAR BUS ROUTE BUT WILL NOT BE RIDING THE BUS ON THURSDAY DEC. 22nd, THEY NEED TO LET MRS. LEAVITT KNOW BY WEDNESDAY DEC. 21ST.  This will be a big help for the bus drivers as they will not need to drive extra miles and use extra time to pick up those students who will be arriving late and finding their own ride.

Exams will run for 65 minutes and will be comprehensive.  Exams will count for 10% of the student’s semester grade.  Time seems to fly by in December and it is easy for students to be tempted to wait to study for exams until the day or two before.  Please remind your child to keep up with study guides and other exam prep materials that teachers are supplying students with.  Exam grades and semester grades will not be reported until January 9th and 4:00 p.m.  At this time you will be able to log in to your student’s account and view the grades online.

Friday Dec. 23nd is an early release day – please put that on your calendar!  The students have worked so hard this semester and by the time exams are completed, they will definitely be ready for some relaxation, family time, and holiday festivities.   I believe all of our students will finish the semester strong!

Please email or call me if you have any questions or will be out of town on exam days.  I will be keeping an eye on the weather as the exam days approach and will inform you if inclement weather may necessitate some additional changes.  If it appears that the weather may prevent exams from being completed on Friday Dec. 23rd, the exam dates may be moved up a day.  Exam days of Thursday Dec. 22nd and Friday Dec. 23rd may change due to weather conditions beyond our control and this will be communicated to you in a timely manner.  Thank you for your flexibility with this schedule.


Rachel Leavitt

1st semester exam schedule

2016 -  2017

Day 1  Thursday December 22nd

Study session                          8:25 – 9:20                              OPTIONAL FOR ALL STUDENTS

Period 1                                   9:30 – 10:35

Period 2                                   10:45 – 11:50

Lunch/homeroom        11:53 – 12:55                         

                                                            7TH, 8TH, 9TH grade LUNCH:                              11:53 – 12:17

10th, 11th, 12th grade HOMEROOM:                11:53 – 12:28

7TH, 8TH, 9TH grade HOMEROOM:                                12:20 – 12:55

10TH, 11TH, 12TH grade LUNCH:                        12:31 – 12:55

Period 3                                   1:00 – 2:05

Period 4                                   2:15 – 3:20


Day 2  Friday December 23rd

Period 5                                   8:25 – 9:30

Period 6                                   9:40 – 10:45

Lunch/Homeroom                   10:48 – 11:50

7TH, 8TH, 9TH grade LUNCH:                              10:48 – 11:12

10th,11th, 12TH grade HOMEROOM:                10:48 – 11:23

7TH, 8TH, 9TH grade HOMEROOM:                    11:15 – 11:50

10th,11th, 12TH grade LUNCH:                          11:26 – 11:50

Period 7                                   11:55 – 1:00

Period 8                                   1:10 – 2:15