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Activities and Resources for Home Use.

posted Mar 16, 2020, 4:17 PM by Jake Sheets   [ updated Mar 25, 2020, 1:40 PM ]

We will be posting a list of online educational resources for families to access at home. These are in no way required or have any due date, but options for filling your time. The more students read and practice skills the sharper they will be when we start back up in April.

First resources are the sites that the student already know about and use in school. If the students need their usernames and passwords, please email sheetsj@lb-eagles.org and I will respond back with that information as time allows. Unfortunately, I will not be able to provide much other support at this time.

IXL - Licensed for K-6th grades. Students will know their username and password. Math and Language Arts skills and practice.  UPDATE! Science and Social Studies are now included for free!

Typing Agent - Licensed for 2nd-6th grades. Keyboarding skills and practice.

All students are encouraged to read books of their choice. The Library Book Fair will be open online only this year. We will post more information about the fair and buying online when it is available. (Unfortunately, when the shipment was cancelled because the school is closed, they cancelled out online fair. We are working to re-establish it.)

For students interested in reading during this time: You may check out e-books through the Woodbury County Library. Call the Woodbury County Library at 712-873-3322.  The Library will give you a password to access their online books. You will need to download the app on your phone, computer, or your I pad.Thank you and Happy Reading!!

All students can access a free option for BrainPop and BrainPopJr while schools are closed. This has many activities and games available for all kinds of subject areas like Science, Health, Social Studies, Reading, Writing, Math, Arts and Technology. You can login with the username LBEagles and password LBEagles1. You can also create your own free account if you would like with the Family Getting Started Guide.

VocabularySpellingCity is offering free access for the next 3 months to help students and teachers, with the code VSCFree90

Science, Biology

Biology and Genetics: PBS Nova Episode Cat Tales
Biology: Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens (through facebook) goes live each day to highlight different animals and includes activity that can be done at home.
All sciences: Disney Imagineering
Biology and Ecology: African Lions: Modeling Populations
Genetics and Advanced Genetics: GeniQuest Part 2
Biology: Population Explosion

This website allows students to explore various microscopic views of different living cells.  These awesome microscope pictures are accompanied by great descriptions, and each slideshow helps to explain a full concept.  Take a look and have some fun!

More Science options: ** Most of these will not work on phones, they need to use their computers**

Anatomy and Medical Terminology: Immune system (Follow these links in this order)

Medical Terminology:

Medical Terminology and Anatomy: BEST RESOURCE OF ALL!!!!!!
Click the box that says 'Create New Student Account'
Sign up for a free trial then use the following enrollment code to find Mrs. Widman's class: JXQW5

Social Studies

Africa.com - offers articles on every African country. Information on cultures and current issues facing Africa is also included.

The National WW 2 Museum website for US History students offers resources pertaining to America's involvement in the war.  

The National Holocaust Museum website for US History students offers resources on the Holocaust.

The US State Department website will offer 7th grade students a look into the countries of Latin America and their current relations with the United States.



www.math-aid.com (will need printer to print off worksheets)

homeschoolmath.net (free worksheets and videos)

www.ck12.org (Will Need to Register for this website, but Free)


Grades PK-12: https://illuminations.nctm.org/content.aspx?id=3855


Reading worksheets and activity packets 1st-5th

1st Grade Reading for Three Weeks 

2nd Grade Reading for Three Weeks (O - Emerging Level)

2nd Grade Reading for Three Weeks (OO - Meeting Grade Level)

3rd Grade Reading for Three Weeks (O - Emerging Level)

3rd Grade Reading for Three Weeks (OO - Meeting Grade Level)

4th Grade Reading for Three Weeks (O - Emerging Level)

4th Grade Reading for Three Weeks (OO - Meeting Grade Level)

5th Grade Reading for Three Weeks (O - Emerging Level)

5th Grade Reading for Three Weeks (OO - Meeting Grade Level)

High School - Mrs. Rice

I found several links for places to find online books for free. 



Free downloads of awesome novels! Huck Finn, 1984, Animal Farm, Frankenstein, several Shakespeare tragedies, Pride and Prejudice, Call of the Wild, GATSBY, etc…


Let Mrs. Rice know if you want a particular book, and she will do her best to make it happen.

Games for Consumer Economics-
https://playmoneymagic.com/ - Tests students budgeting skills 
https://buildyourstax.com/- Another budgeting game. Students make choices to see if they can make it through the month without breaking the bank!
https://www.timeforpayback.com/- Teaches students how to make wise decisions to get them through college.
https://buildyourstax.com/- Helps students understand investments and the consequences of your decisions on investment growth.
https://www.creditclash.com/- Students battle their way to a perfect credit score. 

Foods & Nutrition-

https://www.choosemyplate.gov/- Great information on wellness overall and includes interactive quizzes students can play to 
brush up on their skills. 

Elementary Guidance Counselor


Elementary Ideas for full lessons - some require supplies.
Art with Mati and Dada (Art History Cartoon for Younger Students)
Drawing - 

Interesting Articles to Read

Grades 3-12:
https://www.tweentribune.com/category/tween56/ (Select grade level and English or Spanish)

Multiple Subject Areas

Grades PK-5:

Free Learning Apps for tablets:

Math Apps

Grades PK-2
10 Frame Fill
Number Flash
Grades K-6
Motion Math
Grades 1-8
Math Quick Think
Grades 5-12

Reading App

Grades K-8
Epic (Create a free account with your e-mail address)

History App

Grades 3-12
The History of Everything

Other Educational Fun!