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Local Scholarships
Betty Grigg Andrus and Robert Andrus Scholarship  (Due April 15th)
Donnabelle Oliver and the Teachers Memorial Scholarship  (Due April 15th)
Lawton-Bronson Education Association Scholarship  (Due April 15th)   
Lawton Centennial Scholarship 
Beatrice and Louis Shoemaker Scholarship  (Due April 15th) (Education Field of Study or 2 year Vocational Program)

The Dr. John Ohlfest Scholarship (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)  (Due April 30th) (2.5 g.p.a.)
Lawton-Bronson Masonic Scholarship   (Due April 11th) 
Area Scholarships
Farmers Mutual Scholarship   (Due March 15th)  
Moville Area Medical Clinic Scholarship  (Due April 18th)  (Medical/Health Science Field of Study)  (applications available in the Guidance office)
Western Iowa Telephone Scholarship   (Due April 20th) 
Col.V. Thomas Considine Scholarship  (member/child of member of 185th Iowa Air National Guard)    
Flight Crew (United 232) Scholarship    (Medical/Health Science Field of Study)   
Engineer's Club of Siouxland Scholarship  (Due April 4th)

Siouxland Sportsmanship Scholarship
Tip Top Tux Scholarship  (Due April 15th)     
Northstar Community Credit Union Scholarship   (Due April 1st) (Must be a member of Northstar Community Credit Union)
Home Builders of Greater Siouxland Scholarship  (Due April 11th)

Siouxland Community Foundation Scholarships   
Tyler S. Bay Scholarship (BPOE Elks Lodge # 112 Sioux City, Iowa) (Due March 3rd)
Western Iowa Cooperative Memorial Scholarship (Agriculture Studies)(The form says 2013 but it is for 2014 - return by March 28th)
Woodbury County Cattlemen's Association Scholarship  (Due May 1st) 
Rural Iowa Independent Telephone Association Scholarship

Richard Madsen Memorial Scholarship (Due April 15th) (reside in Woodbury or Ida County,  Conservation or Agriculture Production Studies)

UnityPoint Health/Iowa High School Sports Network Scholarship  (Due May 15th)

United Airlines Trust Fund Scholarship

Other Scholarships
Byers Environmental Scholarship   (Community Enhancement or Environmental area of study)    
Eastern Nebraska/Western Iowa Car Council Scholarship  (Due April 15th) (Automotive Technology or Automotive Industry Career area of study)
DeKalb Commitment to Youth in Agriculture Scholarship
Hy-Vee Foundation Scholarship  (Hy-Vee employee or son/daughter of Hy-Vee employee) 
Iowa National Guard Officers Auxilary Scholarship   (child/stepchild of Iowa National Guard member)
Iowa High School Music Association Scholarship   (Choral Music Education study)

A.G. and Rosalee Ireland Scholarship  (Due April 15th to Mrs. Powell to submit to NWAEA)
ACACIA Leadership Scholarship 2014 (Iowa State male student)    
Hixson Opportunity Award (Iowa State financial need)   
Veisha Scholarship  (Iowa State)   

Pearl Hull Faulk Scholarship  (Protestant Faith - University of Iowa)
Commitment to Agriculture Scholarship Program  or
Art and Design Scholarship  (Wayne State College Art & Design Major)   

Bright Scholars of Iowa  (Iowa colleges and universities based on financial need)