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Welcome to the Lawton-Bronson Jr./Sr. High School Counseling page. Mrs. Erin Benson is the 7-12 School Counselor and is here to help students with Career, Academic, and Personal Issues.

Scholarship Information

*Iowa Financial Know-How Challenge:  Senior Scholarship ~ Dates:  Oct. 19-Feb. 26
*The Hagan Scholarship ~ Deadline:  Nov. 15  
*Christina Hixson Opportunity Award ~ Deadline:  Dec. 15  
*Siouxland Community Foundation ~ Deadline: Feb 15
*Iowa Automobile Dealers Foundation for Education ~ Deadline:  March 1
*NEW Cooperative Agriculture Scholarship ~ Deadline:  March 12 under the About Us tab, NEW Coop Foundation 
*First Friday Breakfast Club ~ DeadlineMarch 16
*Iowa Hospital Association Health Care Careers Scholarship ~ DeadlineMarch 30
*SFM Foundation/Kids Chance ~ Deadline:  March 31  
*Iowa Games 2021 Brian Pearson Memorial Scholarship ~ DeadlineApril 5
*Wiatel Scholarship ~ Deadline:  April 20  Application emailed out to all seniors 1/12/2021
*Woodbury County Cattleman's Association scholarship ~ DeadlineMay 1  Application emailed out to all seniors 1/12/2021
*Pearl Hull Falk Scholarship~Due 5/3
*PB&J Scholarship ~DeadlineMay 31 
*PGA Charlie Burkart Scholarship ~ DeadlineJune 18

College/University specific Scholarships:  Check your college's financial aid webpage for scholarships                                                                                                                                                                                      Example:  University of Iowa scholarships can be found at

FAFSA Information/Assistance
                                      The FAFSA application is always FREE to fill out
                                      Opens up October 1, 2020.

For help, contact:          Mary Joan Dougherty at the Iowa College Access Network
                                      515-402-4211 or 877-272-4692

Month to month guide to help navigate your senior year!

College Representative Information
College reps are doing virtual visits until further notice.  If you are interested in setting one up, see Mrs. Benson.

Websites to help with the college search:   
Golden Circle Virtual Career/College Fair:            September 20, 2020 from 1-3pm    Register at                 

College Admission Process

ISU, UNI or U of Iowa:                    Admission is typically based on your Regent Admission Index (RAI)--   (ACT, Cumulative GPA, # of Core Courses)
                                                        Class of 2021:  ACT test score is waived for Admission due to coronavirus so admission is based on GPA and #of core courses.
Other Colleges/Universities:            See their websites for information on admission requirements!!
Sending High School Transcript:      Email Mrs. Benson 
Sending College Transcript (WIT):   Online at or by calling 712-274-6403
Athletic Eligibility:                           Register with NCAA ( NAIA ( if you plan to continue athletics in college.
ACT Information
ACT Registration, Testing Dates and Test Fees                                                                    To register, click on
Subjects tested:  English, Math, Reading, Science w/ optional Writing 
Test Date                                                  Registration Deadline                                   Test Fees                                             
                                                                                                                                       ACT without writing--$55
                                                                                                                                       ACT with writing--$70
December 12, 2020                                     November 6, 2020                                           Late Registration Fee--additional $35
February 6, 2021                                         January 8, 2021
April 17, 2021                                             March 12, 2021
June 12, 2021                                             May 7, 2021                                                    High School Code:  162-440
July 17, 2021                                              June 18, 2021

**Face coverings required.  All students will be asked health and wellness questions during check in.  

Test Prep
Practice Tests:      Available in my office      
Workshop:            Chad Cargill ACT prep workshop through WIT in the Spring

SAT Information

SAT Registration, Testing Dates and Test Fees                                                                   To register, click on
Subjects tested:  Reading, Writing and Language, Math w/ optional Essay
Test Date                                                   Registration Deadline                                            Test Fees
October 3, 2020                                           September 4, 2020                                                SAT without essay--$52
November 7, 2020                                        October 7, 2020                                                    SAT with essay--$68
December 5, 2020                                        November 5, 2020                                                 Late Registration Fee--$30
March 13, 2021                                            February 12, 2021
May 8, 2021                                                 April 8, 2021
June 5, 2021                                                May 6, 2021

**Face coverings required.  All students will be asked health and wellness questions during check in.

Test Prep

Military Planning
ASVAB will be offered to students interested in joining the military.                                              To register, see Mrs. Benson (no fee to test)
Test Date:                    October 15, 2020 at 8:30am  Approx. 3 hour test

Test Prep:

HS Course Guide

Contact Information

Erin Benson
100 Tara Way
Lawton, IA 51030
Phone number:  712-944-5181
Fax number:  712-944-5568
School code for ACT, NCAA, NAIA is 162-440

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