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Physical Education

Mr. Dennis

Elementary PE Grading
     In grades 4 thru 6, the students are expected to dress out for PE class.  If the students forget their PE clothes, they receive a 0 for the day.  They can choose to go to Music and make that 0 up on the next day.  In each PE class, the students can earn up to 5 points for that day.  The point break down is as follows: 1 point for bringing PE clothes, 1 point for being on time, 1 point for doing their exercises properly, 1 point for particaption in the activity of the day, and 1 point for sportsmanship.
     In grades TK thru 3, the students are graded upon participation in the activity which includes their exercises and sportsmanship.

Students in grades 4 thru 6 th grades "dress out" for PE. It is important that they remember their PE clothes on their assigned day: 6L-Days 1 & 3; 6R-Days 2 & 4; 5H-Days 3 & 6;5S-Days 4 & 6; 4L-Days 1 & 5; 4M-Days 2 & 6.

The Bronson elementary field day will be held at the Bronson Park on May 16th.  The 3rd thru 5th grades 9:30am to 11:00 am, Grades TK & K @ 12:30pm, Grades 1 & 2 @ 1:00pm, 6th Grade students are helpers.